Sunday, October 5, 2008

sneak peak

here is a sneak peak at the new artist we're signing to modern short stories!

he is a singer/songwriter. he was once hit by a train and has lived to tell all.



Gabe said...

I love Justin.

Lynda B said...

i love it a lot!

anthony michael hartman said...

You should try to post all your blogs at 8:35am

eryn said...

pretty amazing.

anthony michael hartman said...

Yeah I'll do a grand-opening of my blog soon with free burritos. Also I like this song and can't wait to hear the rest of the chorus.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm let me guess....justin oliver?

carl said...

dig it. this makes me want more modern shorties.


The said...

Hey Steve,

We've been talking to Amanda Yu with your label via Myspace, who was interested in hearing more of us and who has received our huge bundle of press kit awesomeness. Hopefully its been passed on to you too, and you like what you hear. If have in fact gotten it, we hope you've checked out our self released debut album, press clippings, and DVD with live videos/our "She Ran Away" music video.

We're confident with the fact that we'll be a great benefit to your label, and are really excited about the prospect of either re-releasing our debut, or releasing a new record with you guys. I hope to hear back from you soon!

The Manics