Friday, October 31, 2008

a serious read

To anyone that is willing to listen...

For those of you that do not know me my name is Steve Soboslai (pronounced Sub-Oz-Lee). I play guitar and sing in the band Punchline, which I have done so for the last 11 years since the 10th grade. I learned to play guitar with this band and have a more complete understanding of what music is alongside my band mates.

Maybe we musically jumped the gun on getting national attention? I think we scared some people away with what I feel was premature pop-punk... Some people say that this was our best music - I disagree. How could it have been, especially with having so little experience and seeing so little out there in the world. There is finally a story to tell.

We've been lost in the streets of Japan. We've stayed at the governor's house. We've lost band members to extreme serious issues that I'd rather not get into. Seen awful bands rise through the ranks by just saying what people want to hear. We've even written over 100 songs as a band. There is no doubt that it has taken 10 years for us to make our best album.

Just Say Yes was self released last month on our own label called Modern Short Stories. It was written and recorded from the heart. No record label was telling us when and where to record it or what to shoot for. The album is real and without a doubt the most genuine album we've ever made. I see right through so much of the music that comes out of this scene! Maybe when they turn 28 they will understand.

Getting to the point...

Outside of reviews from the critics (which have been quite amazing), we have had less feedback from fans and listeners of music than I had anticipated. The feedback from those who HAVE given it a chance and listened have had excellent things to say about it, but it seems as if most people just aren't hearing our music.

Money is tight. Music is easy to find for free for those who want it badly enough. Thus, I have decided to give out 100 copies of our downloadable CD for free today ALONG WITH a few extra songs - some songs you have definitely never heard, some that people have been wondering why they didn't make the cut, and some that people have been asking us to put into circulation just so they can have them on their ipods.

Please give this album an honest listen. Play it for your friends when you find the song that moves you. Please let us know what you think of the album by emailing me personally at

Thanks for your time,

Steve Soboslai

Here you go - enjoy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I feel good. I knew that I would.


1) Read the post above this.

2) I want more followers on Twitter!

3) I want you to listen to Justin Oliver's "There Is A Rug" on his Myspace page and make it your profile song!

4) I really want the 2nd season of Lost. Once I finish The Wire I am going to get started on that.

5) I want this artist Lisa Alisa to refund us the $400 she took from us after hiring her to do the album art for Just Say Yes. She completely flaked on us and refuses to refund our money. Thief!

6) These headphones.

7) Some free studio time would obviously be incredible.

8) Complete restoration of the 400 or so contacts I accidentally deleted on my iPhone.

I don't think that's asking for too much!

Chris made this for me last year. He is my good buddy...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

new york twitty

i started a twit:

we signed Mae! Well...

we encountered a Greg Wood look-a-like this weekend in Allentown. I took a picture of him from the distance. We will from here on out refer to him as Evil Greg Wood.

i met duncan sheik. he was speaking along side other creators for the play "spring awakening" to which he wrote the music for the soundtrack. my question to him in front of an auditorium half full was "how did you approach writing for theater for the first time, because i know if someone handed me a guitar and said "write a country song" that i would mimic themes and chord progressions from what i've heard on the radio." i was so nervous that i don't remember what he said. an empty stomach on red bull. my nerves were a plenty.

i sat on a panel of speakers at CMJ discussing what not to waste time with on the internet when promoting your band via web 2.0 elements. i don't know if the crowd took anything away from our comments, but i made them laugh, and i can live with just that.

I met a street musician that covers the gin blossoms and freedy johnston. he goes by "laust cauze". if you see him in the subway system you should request "bad reputation" and give him 2 bucks. I had a free pass to see 400 or so bands last week and i only saw one: Recover. I didn't see any famous people unless you consider Laust Cauze to be famous, but I don't think he's there (yet). I am now back home and hibernating. bears.


Thursday, October 16, 2008


i really wanna get final cut pro... and the new beck album. that is all. x steve

Monday, October 13, 2008

barrel full of blippits

Justin Oliver is the new artist on Modern Short Stories - his new album will be released in early 2009. Please go listen to "There Is A Rug" on his myspace page, its incredible.

We bought a fog machine this weekend. We used it at the show, the after party, and we'll keep it on full blast for all upcoming Punchline practices.

I just booked my train ticket to NYC for next week. I'll be there Monday evening thru Friday morning for CMJ.

I sold my telecaster. Case closed.

I am finishing up season 3 of The Wire this week, it is an intense show. Why do I like police detective based entertainment so much? It all started with the Commish. I watched the Departed last nite... definitely in my top 10.

Oh, Halloween. What a strange, strange holiday. October is the month of strange holidays. Happy Columbus Day. I hope you all got what you wanted. My mom got me a barrel full of spices.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

sneak peak

here is a sneak peak at the new artist we're signing to modern short stories!

he is a singer/songwriter. he was once hit by a train and has lived to tell all.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

...more like nick and norah's infinite urban outfitters commercial.


these are the some good memories....

Friday, October 3, 2008

for halloween

I think this year I'm gonna be a dog dressed up like yoda. Yeah, that's it.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

self untitled

we headed to the studio, 15 minutes late. i hate being late. we are on the northside in the hazlett theater recording a cover of "what a wonderful world". pj and dave our engineer are setting up the drums in the middle of the actual theater. chris just explored the basement and found the best part of the theater which is the room in the basement that just has a desk and an old woman sitting at it putting a puzzle together. why do I have so much energy?  before the guys picked me up I was able to clean up my house. I feel really good about it.  I get in the van and they are listening to derek white and the monphobics.  good band.  Saturday night was so much fun.  I wish I had taken pictures from the after party.  special thanks to the travelers - amanda yu, gabe, katy, jodie, sara, melanie, erin, linda, courtney, marci, mike, hilary, the indiana crew, and anyone else who made the voyage.

chris - "dude cheaters wasn't on last nite!"
belan - "yeah i know i was pissed"

i just saw a story on the news about police looking for a group of guys from arizona who were chugging milk and then throwing up on moving cars. i need to get the triggers album and the matt pryor record.

i think i'm gonna sell my telecaster. not the semi-hollow one - the one pictured below... email me if you're interested.