Tuesday, October 28, 2008

new york twitty

i started a twit: twitter.com/modernshorties

we signed Mae! Well...

we encountered a Greg Wood look-a-like this weekend in Allentown. I took a picture of him from the distance. We will from here on out refer to him as Evil Greg Wood.

i met duncan sheik. he was speaking along side other creators for the play "spring awakening" to which he wrote the music for the soundtrack. my question to him in front of an auditorium half full was "how did you approach writing for theater for the first time, because i know if someone handed me a guitar and said "write a country song" that i would mimic themes and chord progressions from what i've heard on the radio." i was so nervous that i don't remember what he said. an empty stomach on red bull. my nerves were a plenty.

i sat on a panel of speakers at CMJ discussing what not to waste time with on the internet when promoting your band via web 2.0 elements. i don't know if the crowd took anything away from our comments, but i made them laugh, and i can live with just that.

I met a street musician that covers the gin blossoms and freedy johnston. he goes by "laust cauze". if you see him in the subway system you should request "bad reputation" and give him 2 bucks. I had a free pass to see 400 or so bands last week and i only saw one: Recover. I didn't see any famous people unless you consider Laust Cauze to be famous, but I don't think he's there (yet). I am now back home and hibernating. bears.



JD Perry said...

Amazing... Your "Evil Greg Wood" is our friend B.Q. who plays guitar in The Great American Soundtrack. He doesn't know Ju Jitsu but he is a professional bird watcher. That's evil enough.

anthony michael hartman said...

If Greg Wood hasnt gone through a professional bird watching phase yet I'd be very surprised. I got to see him at the start of his magic career. But yeah, evil GW is remarkable.

lauren said...

dude, im so jealous you met duncan sheik. i was just talking about wanting to meet him the other day.