Wednesday, October 1, 2008

self untitled

we headed to the studio, 15 minutes late. i hate being late. we are on the northside in the hazlett theater recording a cover of "what a wonderful world". pj and dave our engineer are setting up the drums in the middle of the actual theater. chris just explored the basement and found the best part of the theater which is the room in the basement that just has a desk and an old woman sitting at it putting a puzzle together. why do I have so much energy?  before the guys picked me up I was able to clean up my house. I feel really good about it.  I get in the van and they are listening to derek white and the monphobics.  good band.  Saturday night was so much fun.  I wish I had taken pictures from the after party.  special thanks to the travelers - amanda yu, gabe, katy, jodie, sara, melanie, erin, linda, courtney, marci, mike, hilary, the indiana crew, and anyone else who made the voyage.

chris - "dude cheaters wasn't on last nite!"
belan - "yeah i know i was pissed"

i just saw a story on the news about police looking for a group of guys from arizona who were chugging milk and then throwing up on moving cars. i need to get the triggers album and the matt pryor record.

i think i'm gonna sell my telecaster. not the semi-hollow one - the one pictured below... email me if you're interested.



The Fold said...

I like your blorg!

Gabe said...

I'll trade you the guitar for the new mac os.

Lauren said...

cd release was the best show ever. always happy to travel for you dudes <3

Ashley said...

"...but i do it for the money."

Anonymous said...

Just look in the Punchline tab at your local Best Buy. That's where I find all the Matt Pryor albums.

lucas said...

How much are you thinking for the guitar?


Topher said...

How much ya selling the guitar for? Im in the market and love the tele deluxe.