Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is the 5 year anniversary of Action.

Chris informed me that Action came out 5 years ago today. I thought I'd pick up the guitar and bust out this acoustic version of "A Beautiful Green" before I head to DC to see Jimmy Eat World. Click on the links below!



1. Open Up

2. Not Afraid

3. The World

4. Heart Transplant

5. Time In A Picture

6. Coldest Of Calendars

7. Getting There Is Getting By

8. Why Is He Right

9. Battlescars

10. A Sharp Is A Flat

11. A Beautiful Green

12. Just Getting Started


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chet Folds

Chet, from the Real World Brooklyn, recently interviewed us in New Jersey. He was very nice and made it a point to slip in that he is a virgin. Good for you Chet, good for you. I hope you find that lucky lady soon!

I was lucky enough last night to get to meet Ben Folds. I gave him a copy of Just Say Yes with and told him that I had bought www.BenFolds.me... Hopefully he'll check out the site and bookmark it! Here's an awesome Ben Folds Five live video.

I watched two special movies this past Valentine's Day- "Walk Hard" and of course "The Break Up." Here's a really funny scene from Walk Hard. I love to support small films by spreading the word!

I am off to the costume store to rent a lion costume!
Pretty pumped to make a video for Ghostie.
See y'all on the internets.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am branching out into professional photography.

I have finally decided to get more serious about my photography. I realized that I was born with a gift the other night after taking pictures at the Bayside/TGUK concert. Please contact me if you are interested in licensing my work or hiring me to take pictures at your wedding, funeral, etc.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Go to this show and celebrate 3/7.
Chris made a commercial for this show.
He makes a lot of videos, this one is an instant classic!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

belan hates

Sometimes it's hard to notice all the little quirks your friends have. When Greg Wood joined Punchline in 2006, he entered our humble community with a fresh perspective. A circle of friends that consisted of basically guys from Belle Vernon, who have been hanging out together since the early nineties. At the time, Belan was slanging' our dise (merchandise) and keeping wonderful company with us on the road. He told stories, sang songs, and helped us out a lot even before he was in the band. That's what friends are for. After a tour or two, Greg picked up on a particularly hilarious characteristic of our beloved Belan- he is a hater. Every so often he would casually (or not so casually) mention the things he hated. Greg started keeping track in his sidekick. PJ and I followed suit and continued the list even after Greg was gone. Belan busted us about a year after we'd started keeping track. Here's the list!

belan hates
being on a plane for a longtime
talking to people
depending on people
take off your shoes houses
when people ask for blair's number
when his dad comes home from work
flava flav
the song blue by eiffel 65
the greg wood west hartford term "budgie"
when he offers someone a food that's in a bag, and the person doesn't grab the bag and just reaches their hand in
when teachers are real serious about fruit break
how its socially acceptable to dress like a freak
how every college student is against the war
when fast cars weave on the hi way
loading equipment in the street
his phone
sharing food
dark chocolate
apple computer stickers on cars
when people don't call you back
when people try to grow up
new wave baby names
say anything
falling asleep sitting up
when math teachers won't let you use a calculator
bowling shoes
when cars beep at you but don't let you in
when people cheer at the movies
bobby brown
when you lose internet connection while driving down the highway
nelly furtados voice
when people like books
myspace noises
car bass
loading into the charleroi italian club
the thought of living in chicago
midget league fumble rules (in 6th grade he weighed 112 lbs.)
When people look at his set list on satge
bringing out character in his voice
brook hogan
when people call him from a weird number

"if a girl either has a dirty room or dirty car,
then they definitely hate their dad."
-Jon "Snarl" Belan


Monday, February 2, 2009

i wouldn't mind reliving today over and over one bit.

2009 has thus far been quite memorable, life changing, and very exciting.

1) The Steelers won the superbowl last nite.

2) Barack Obama is president.


3) PJ Caruso has quit Punchline after playing drums for us for 11 years.

3) I am a part of releasing a book that my friends wrote called "Whistle Pig."

4) My grandma recently turned 86 and is the sharpest knife in the drawer.

5) I have been on the edge of my seat watching the first 4 seasons of Lost. What a great show.

6) A plane crash landed into the Hudson River last week after being struck by a giant flock of birds. The plane landed safely and everyone lived.

7) I am working on writing a collection of 35 songs to be used for the next Punchline album as well as other musical adventures in the making.

8) Today is my brother Mike's birthday. He recently told me, "I hope that if we become estranged, we still keep in touch."

9) We are doing 3/7 right this year by playing a Punchline show at Diesel in Pittsburgh.

10) I am going to leave this last one open for wherever 2009 may take us.