Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chet Folds

Chet, from the Real World Brooklyn, recently interviewed us in New Jersey. He was very nice and made it a point to slip in that he is a virgin. Good for you Chet, good for you. I hope you find that lucky lady soon!

I was lucky enough last night to get to meet Ben Folds. I gave him a copy of Just Say Yes with and told him that I had bought www.BenFolds.me... Hopefully he'll check out the site and bookmark it! Here's an awesome Ben Folds Five live video.

I watched two special movies this past Valentine's Day- "Walk Hard" and of course "The Break Up." Here's a really funny scene from Walk Hard. I love to support small films by spreading the word!

I am off to the costume store to rent a lion costume!
Pretty pumped to make a video for Ghostie.
See y'all on the internets.


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Mackie said...

Ah Chet. Insane. I must say from coming off of Real World, hes actually doing something really great with the chances MTV has given him.
I hope your valentines day was lovely and The Break Up, what a classy movie to watch on a Hallmark Holiday.
Good luck with the costume, I hope you have found it.
Byee Love.