Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking for new music? Music and film combined for the first time ever! A Punchline song called "21 Forever."

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vintage 1977 40 Watt Fender 2x10 Vibrolux Reverb Amp - EXCELLENT

I have a Vintage 40 Watt Fender 2x10 Vibrolux Reverb Amp in EXCELLENT condition for sale. It is in great working condition and has NO MODIFICATIONS other than a replacement RCA cable. It has all of its knobs and reverb pedal included, plus the original speakers! The silver face over the speakers has one small snag.

It's dimensions are 24.5 x 18 x 8.5

I'd prefer to not have to ship this, but it's not out of the question so long as buyer covers shipping costs.

Contact me at if you are interested!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010


In one week it will be 3/7. We must be prepared. You must be present. Theories will be explored. Answers will be revealed.

3/7 in "Little" California, PA @ Jozart Studios:

PUNCHLINE (Modern Short Stories)
Useless ID (from freaking Israel!)
Nightbeast (for President in 2012)
Experiment 116 (your gracious hosts)
The Catastrophe (tough guys)
The Spiffies (Belle Vernon rock)

6 PM. $10.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

What lies in the shadow of the statue?

I noticed a similarity between these two pictures. The picture on the left is of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning and was the background of my iPhone. The picture on the right is the mysterious statue from Lost, which was Chris Fafalios's background on his iPhone. I kept looking at my phone and seeing the statue in the Cathedral, so I decided to share this with you.

What lies in the statue of the Cathedral?

Thanks for viewing.


Six FREE songs from Punchline's N I G H T L I G H T S here:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Never been said.

1) I hate it when the pope borrows my gap hoodie. (by Eric from New York City)

2) The rhinoceros plays a guitar solo like no other. (by Jimi from Pittsburgh)

3) Let's make a pact to never leave this shrimp bonanza.
(by Me from My house)

Tomorrow I had a wonderful beef-heart soup. (by Pencil from Pencil Box)

Robert Henry Bison decided that enough was enough, and that today he was finally going to shave that "area" on grandma. (by Dustin from Sandy Lake, PA)

6) My father finally has finally taught me how to drive a tree with my pancreas. (by yeah me again from it's my blog I can do what I want)

7) I'm gonna take my shoes off and fly to Jupiter.
(by Mark Haney from New Castle, PA)

I wish korn could fly, too. (by Dylan from Dallas, TX)

9) Fireballs can be basketballs for people who wear fire retardant gloves. (by John Oliva from Bombers, NY)

9) Man, The cinematography in that Carrottop movie, Chairman of the Board is breathtaking.
(by Nightbeast from probably somewhere tropical)

That grandma in the Seahawks jersey is giving me the willies. (by Tony Hartman from Whistle Pig, OH)

Jonorable Mentiones

I wanna go to Mississippi for a vacation.
(by Braxton from "Little California")

I had food daydreams at preschool about my Lair of Minotaur.
(by Andie from Chicago, IL)

Please enjoy your complimentary tickets to John stossel's new theme park, Walter Kronkite land.
(by Kirk from Rochester, NY)

Dijon mustard makes for a terrible lubricant.
(by Alex from Portland, OR)

Steve soboslai has friends.
(by Mike from Pittsburgh, PA)

Whilst attempting this jump, I shall not depend on the theory of the hypothetical megastructure that could solve the energy problem for all 37 solar structures!
(by Mike from Santa Rosa, CA)



My next mlog will be called "my shortest friends."

Monday, February 1, 2010

January is gone and we apparently won.

One twelfth down, eleven twelfths to go!

When I am ninety years old, I will use my iPad to log into my Blogger account and reflect on January, 2010. Education, earthquakes. mushrooms, and more. Here was my month!


I am finishing my senior year at Pitt. After three tours in the back half of 2009, I figured I'd have some time to finish my education whilst writing/recording our new album. I am a college student for the first time in a long while. My classmates are nice, but timid. Some of them are like Super Mario Bros, minus the "Mario". I was invited to a frat party last week. I haven't decided yet if I'll be attending. I would guess probably not.


There was a devastating earthquake in Haiti, leaving my brother's girlfriend's brother in law's two sisters stranded without food/shelter/water/orphans. Ashley and I followed the CNN and the grapevine closely. The grapevine consisted of the blog and my brother's text updates. It was mostly Anderson Cooper and Mike Soboslai. Luckily, Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell stepped in to help with the rescue of the girls/orphans. They rescued around 50 of the little and not so little tykes and brought them back to Pittsburgh. I donated some clothes to a Haitian friend of theirs, who returned home also on that mission. He now has a plethora of Bayside and Less Than Jake shirts to wear. I hope he likes ska-punk.

I stayed at Ed Rendell's house once, because his son was in a band we used to tour with (Don't Look Down was the band). I just remember the picture in the living room of Ed Rendell and Bill Cosby. I like to think that his lifelong dream was to have his picture taken with Bill Cosby; becoming mayor was only a piece of the puzzle... a puzzle of Bill Cosby riding a unicorn with Rudy dancing soulfully next to it.

I'm glad that Jamie and Ali are safe. I am also glad that they appeared on Ellen. I really like Ellen. I want to go. Let's go. Let us go.

The Great Divide

Late night television fans were split between Cone and Jay, with most of my generation favoring Cone. After a long debacle, Conan O'Brien stepped down as the short lived host of The Tonight Show. Mr. O'Brien delivered a very moving farewell speech.


I picked up Infected Mushroom from the airport and took them to their show in Pittsburgh. My good buddy Nick said he was in a jam, so I grabbed our van from home and went to the airport! They are an Israeli psycho-trans sensation! They were very nice and happy that Heinz ketchup comes from Pittsburgh. I took them to Primanti Brothers where we applied this principle.

We also played some sick shows in Cleveland, Edinboro, Buffalo, and Morgantown! Maybe I'll update this with pictures and video once I find some.

Thanks for reading.

I love Twitter.

PS It's official. Punchline are recording a new record in the merry month of May.

PSS I once wrote a song about January, (not this January, but last January). We almost went into the studio to record it, but the project fell through. Hopefully you will hear this song next January. It has a sweet time signature change and parodies Auld Lang Syne. I wonder if that song is public domain?