Monday, October 13, 2008

barrel full of blippits

Justin Oliver is the new artist on Modern Short Stories - his new album will be released in early 2009. Please go listen to "There Is A Rug" on his myspace page, its incredible.

We bought a fog machine this weekend. We used it at the show, the after party, and we'll keep it on full blast for all upcoming Punchline practices.

I just booked my train ticket to NYC for next week. I'll be there Monday evening thru Friday morning for CMJ.

I sold my telecaster. Case closed.

I am finishing up season 3 of The Wire this week, it is an intense show. Why do I like police detective based entertainment so much? It all started with the Commish. I watched the Departed last nite... definitely in my top 10.

Oh, Halloween. What a strange, strange holiday. October is the month of strange holidays. Happy Columbus Day. I hope you all got what you wanted. My mom got me a barrel full of spices.

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