Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Never been said.

1) I hate it when the pope borrows my gap hoodie. (by Eric from New York City)

2) The rhinoceros plays a guitar solo like no other. (by Jimi from Pittsburgh)

3) Let's make a pact to never leave this shrimp bonanza.
(by Me from My house)

Tomorrow I had a wonderful beef-heart soup. (by Pencil from Pencil Box)

Robert Henry Bison decided that enough was enough, and that today he was finally going to shave that "area" on grandma. (by Dustin from Sandy Lake, PA)

6) My father finally has finally taught me how to drive a tree with my pancreas. (by yeah me again from it's my blog I can do what I want)

7) I'm gonna take my shoes off and fly to Jupiter.
(by Mark Haney from New Castle, PA)

I wish korn could fly, too. (by Dylan from Dallas, TX)

9) Fireballs can be basketballs for people who wear fire retardant gloves. (by John Oliva from Bombers, NY)

9) Man, The cinematography in that Carrottop movie, Chairman of the Board is breathtaking.
(by Nightbeast from probably somewhere tropical)

That grandma in the Seahawks jersey is giving me the willies. (by Tony Hartman from Whistle Pig, OH)

Jonorable Mentiones

I wanna go to Mississippi for a vacation.
(by Braxton from "Little California")

I had food daydreams at preschool about my Lair of Minotaur.
(by Andie from Chicago, IL)

Please enjoy your complimentary tickets to John stossel's new theme park, Walter Kronkite land.
(by Kirk from Rochester, NY)

Dijon mustard makes for a terrible lubricant.
(by Alex from Portland, OR)

Steve soboslai has friends.
(by Mike from Pittsburgh, PA)

Whilst attempting this jump, I shall not depend on the theory of the hypothetical megastructure that could solve the energy problem for all 37 solar structures!
(by Mike from Santa Rosa, CA)



My next mlog will be called "my shortest friends."


tyler said...

the very last one was my favorite XD

Dustin said...

Nice job Steve, I really like the one about grandma's "area" in a totally unbiased way.

Tony said...

Korn one is tha best. Its great that no one could say "I think that's where we are....a sea of great pancakes" hasn't been said

bellaharo said...

after thoroughly reading each sentence and noticing the authors, i'm saddened to point out, that not one of those was written by a woman. although, i question andie and alex, i suppose those could go either way. truly appalling! i would suggest you name your next entry "my shortest friends and the reasons i hate women!" hahahaaa

Anonymous said...

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modernshorties said...

That is strange there were no women. Give me a good one and maybe I'll add it. Thanks for reading.

Suzr said...

haha :)

amanda burkhead said...

I hate leaving comments on your blog because it takes me 5 minutes to remember the info for my google account.

That being said, I especially enjoy Tony's and bomber John's.

Anonymous said...

Does it count as commenting if you used what I said? If so, this makes two.

modernshorties said...

It's gonna take me all day to eat this credenza.

paigewest said...

i feel like im reading really awesome mad libs!!

modernshorties said...

By the way... Andie from Chicago is a GIRL!

Matt Zimmerman said...

This is a fantastic piece of blogging Steve!

Tori said...

hahaa is the Mike from Pittsburgh your brother?

TravisG said...

Best one is without a doubt the one about fireballs and flame-retardant gloves. Unique AND funny.

modernshorties said...

Haha, no that wasn't my brother!

Tori said...

haha oh okay...it just sounded like an older brotherly thing to say :)

andiecox said...

If only you knew how many times I've had to clarify that "Andie from Chicago is a GIRL!" Awesome post. And look! Comments!

bellaharo said...

there was some indication that andie, was a girl. the "ie" at the end, is used most commonly for girls. i just wanted to work up the crowd, ha! bes' believe i'm gonna work on coming up with the best sentence that's never been said, all day today.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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