Thursday, September 18, 2008

you're probably driving

driving from philadelphia to pittsburgh, pa. i wonder how many times we've made this trek? we just listened to the bayside album, now we're listening to the whole valencia album. good dudes. chris is driving. belan is petting his beard. pj is laying down. there are sparks flying off of the back of the truck ahead. not sparks the alcoholic energy drink. that would just be too good. i mean, i don't think i've ever had that drink, but i love free drinks as much as the next guy. this is why i'm pretty happy about having a house full of free cases of vitamin water. i like orange. i don't know what its fancy name is... probably "health juice". i think they should just call it orange. i enjoy the relation between fruit and colors. this thing tastes blue. now its time for nada surf. here are the songs i've fancied the most so far this year...

1 nada surf - "do it again"
2 the killers - "when we were young"
3 ben folds - "you don't know me"
4 justin oliver - "heaven and breakfast"
5 the avett brothers - "murder in the city"
6 bob mould - "stupid now"

The one thing I learned tonite is that Barack wears a size XL Punchline hoodie.

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