Wednesday, September 24, 2008

snug as a thug on a drug.


You can now watch the Punchline video for "The Hit" over at!

The Mod Squad made its television debut 40 years ago today.

When is Pumpkin Pie day?

I still need to see the season premier of Heroes.

My jam of the week is: Superdrag - "Feeling Like I Do"

We went to visit our friend Eric Mikula in the hospital yesterday and he's making great progress! He was in a very serious car accident 1 month ago today.

I really don't think people change. That was a quote from ER today that I agree with. Ok some people do, but for the most part nah brah.

we saw an amazing infomercial the other night for The Best Of Guy Penrod. Amz.

this is us from one of our recent shows. what a good time!

this is pretty cool although i think ac/dc is totally overplayed... even in my blog!


Gabe said...

What did you think of Heroes?

Sanchez said...

i think i love you, so what am i so afraid of?

Anonymous said...

that AC/DC video...
was epic... lol