Friday, September 5, 2008

the world is a plate

i went to eat breakfast with nick today.  greg used to make fun of him saying that 'the world was his plate' because he would set a sandwich down on the curb to tie his shoe.  i finally have proof of this.  toast on an outside table.  the world is indeed his plate.

on a complete whim i buckled and decided to to buy my dream guitar yesterday after seeing a good deal on good old craigslist.  it is in perfect condition.  hopefully i can keep the scratches to a minimum.  just say hell yes.

we played the longest set of our careers last friday night at sweet briar college in virginia.  we played 20 songs.  

i played with my roommates band gene the werewolf this morning on the pittsburgh classic rock station WDVE.  i got to play bass.  i got to get up at 6:30 am.  silly morning show.  too early for rock music.

ok i'm gonna go somewhere else thats not here.



Carly said...

that guitar looks sick

old man neill said...

nice guitar.

Anonymous said...

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