Sunday, September 7, 2008

sundys really make you think

my friend Eric Mikula was in a really bad car accident two weeks ago and we're all staying positive and keeping strong that he will make a full recovery.  he's the one in the picture above wearing the punchline shirt.  he is one of our biggest supporters!  go to his facebook group and leave him a message!  do it.

sneak peak at the new bayside video behind the scenes.  i love how a lot of bands i'm friends with shoot their videos in pittsburgh.  they used mostly the same crew as we did for our video for 'the hit' which we're going to post soon.  

go steelers.

here is a good song from the late 90's.  me and pj had the biggest crush on the singer.
ladies and gentlemen, the strangest video i've seen in a long while.
one of my favorite songs.


9 days until Just Say Yes.


Jessica said...

that video is awesome, I don't know what you're talking about!!

xtimmyx said...

have you heard Anna Waronker's (That Dog) solo album? it's awesome.

xtimmyx said...

it's "Anna By Anna Waronker"