Friday, April 10, 2009

A good old fashioned fruit fast.

I told my brother that I was thinking about fruit fasting. I read about it on the net from a few sites, including this one. This is his response, which I find both informative and hilarious...


Nothing against your fruit thing but where did you get that? I think vegetables would be better cause they aren't filled with sugar. Fruit has a lot of sugar even though its not sugar like you would think in a candy bar it can have the same effects. For instance bananas have been processed to taste so good they have evolved basically into a sugar cube. That's not to say you can't eat a banana but you wouldn't want to build a diet around them. Sugar is almost like a drug. That means its bad. Excess sugar turns into fat. Berries are very good. I always eat blueberries. They are a great food for you along with almonds. Not salted almonds just plain boring almonds. The best carbs are whole grains. Whole wheat pasta, 100 percent whole wheat bread. Frozen meals and anything processed is terrible for you. They are really high in salt which causes your body to store excess water especially around your midsection. Eating a lot of protein is great for you even if you aren't working out. High protein and lower carbs is good for burning fat. I drink a 40 gram protein shake in the morning with a bowl of chex cereal and maybe a piece of fruit. Lunch is two chicken breasts with broccoli and carrots. Two protein bars as snacks during the day. Dinner is a steak or chicken with brown rice and broccoli. Late snack is almonds, blueberries or cucumbers and a protein shake. Water is probably the most important thing though. It is a natural antioxident. Not vitamin water either, which has more sugar than a can of coke. Just regular water. If you want to clean your body out nothing works better. Its the best supplement and yet most people disregard it. Fasting for 24 hours but just drinking water would be a good start to get all the toxins out of your body. Then you could switch up your eating patterns. Food is like drugs. They all contain different chemicals ehich cause your body to react different ways. By giving your body the right food it changes the entire chemistry of your body for better or for worse. You wouldn't inject heroin so why live off of frozen pierogies and pizza. If you are going to do that you may as well do heroin.


This is fruit.

This is my brother (with a framed picture of Chris Cooper).


Jodie said...

wow clearly i need to be doing the Mike Soboslai Diet. it should have a catchy name like the Pumped! Diet or something. ;)

Diana said...

Because Chris Cooper is worth framing for sure.

Halley said...

tim and mike need their own sitcom. "Tim, your hurting my feelings man"

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