Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wonderful iPhone Pictures.

I learned Tom Petty's "It's Christmas All Over Again" for the Christmas party this year. Pretty excited for that, Belan and I need to go over our 20 song set! I have been tweeting a lot. We are playing Indianapolis tonite, it is Pj's birpdah. He finally got his wall back. I am very proud of him. Ok, check out the pictures.

This was in a bathroom in Grand Rapids, MI. Amazing.

Who is that, Ralph Nader?

My awesome birpdah pumpkin roll.

Ashley and I at my first ever Steelers game! Box seats baby.


appal26 said...

Hey can't wait for you to come back and play in the burgh. It feels like it's been a while since the cd release party.

Keep up the good work!

ChrisFafaliosAwesomeBlog said...

You are a big Steelers fan, but a HUGE Jewel fan!